Ski hats by KLU Mountain Outerwear

Ski hats by KLU Mountain Outerwear

Ski hats and snowboard hats Made in the USA. KLU Mountain Outerwear is a family owned ski hat manufacturing business in Idaho Falls, Idaho. According to your order, we individually hand craft every ski hat and snowboard hat. No middle man, no mass production, just my loving wife and family. We know about ski hats, our family spends hours in the outdoors, I enjoy snowboarding and skiing with my three teenage daughters, snow shoeing with my wife, rock and ice climbing. We know how to enjoy the winter and keep warm.

Basic Ski Hats

Wild Ski Hats

Basic Ski HatsBasic “Ski hats” and snowboard hats. Ski hats for the more conservative people. Bomber, Dread Lock, Four Panel Snowboard, Yurt.Wild Ski HatsWild Ski hats. If you wear one of these Ski hats, you had better be good. Because if you crash, everyone is going to know it. Ski hats with one, two, three, or four long tails.

Ski Accessories

Kids Ski Hats

Ski AccessoriesSki Accessories for the rest of those body parts. Head Bands, Balaclavas, Neck Gaiters, Socks and Mittens.Kids Ski HatsKids ski hats and snowboard hats Fun ski hats to keep your kids warm during their winter play time.